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Pull Request Checklists

This is the first post on my new blog, which has been a long time coming. The format of these posts will likely be mostly short form content, with a few posts here and there of deeper, researched content. Thanks for reading!

This came about as an idea by a former co-worker of mine, Jon Olson. Coming from a DevOps background, checklists were a good way to always remember to consider the little details that are easy to forget. Especially when you do the same task every day.

Without further ado, here’s the checklist I came up with:

Pull Request Checklist

[ ] Requires additional reviewers: specialized expertise
[ ] Logic errors
[ ] Tests: missing, broken, wrong?
[ ] Database indexes missing?
[ ] Does anything need to be run in a database transaction?
[ ] Correct log level?
[ ] Correct level of log detail?
[ ] Code organization
[ ] Confusing function / variable names
[ ] Miscellaneous code smells
[ ] Needs updated README?
[ ] Sufficient error reporting?
[ ] Updated documentation for new or modified features

I have to say, it is very satisfying to print it out, and check things off with a pen. But to be fair, that’s not very environmentally friendly.

It worked well for me, but as with anything, the key is actually using it.

I’ve put it on Gist for you to fork, or do whatever you want with, here:

Have any suggestions to add to this list? Comment below.

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